Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Generation of Techies

Last year, Chris and the kids made a movie to give to grandparents as a Christmas gift. It wasn't your typical cutesie grandchildren singing Christmas carols sort of thing. Which, if you know my husband, shouldn't come as a surprise. Actually, the whole thing was Connor's idea. He came up with a crazy idea for a video, and Chris said, "let's do it!" All four of the kids were in it, and Chris filmed and edited. It was a unique gift, that's for sure, and everyone got a big laugh out of it. They'll probably never forget the Christmas they were introduced to Pregnant Ninja.

Chris has been making nutty movies since I've known him, and now our kids are carrying on the tradition. Connor and Bethany love making videos as a hobby, just like their dad. Bethany does fashion and beauty tutorials (she's 11, just FYI), and Connor likes creating stop action Lego movies. When Bethany and her friends get together, they make music videos. It seems like everyone has a device that easily records video nowadays, and the evidence is on You Tube. Video editing software is becoming more user friendly, and turning video production literally into child's play. Of course it can get as complicated as you like, but making a video that looks good and has cool effects isn't as difficult as one might think. Cyberlink makes photo and video editing software that helps you get some pretty awesome results. Check for Cyberlink updates for up to the minute multimedia software.

I'm married to a techie, so my kids are kind of techie by association and heritage. Whether it's music or movies or the latest television or blu ray player, our family is usually pretty knowledgeable. I'm not quite as tech savvy as my husband (he might venture to say that's an understatement), but I enjoy the benefits of technology and I love gadgets and photo editing. I'm not sure if the kids are planning a new movie for this year's Christmas, but if they are, maybe it would be a good time to familiarize myself with the video editing aspect a little more. Or...I could just leave it to Chris.

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