Sunday, November 18, 2012

ENDED Conscious Box Review and Giveaway!

 **Look for a new giveaway a day, now through Thanksgiving!**

I keep hearing about monthly box subscriptions that send goodies right to your door step. There are different themed boxes - some are more for beauty products, some for babies or kids, some for food. When I heard that Conscious Box was looking for bloggers to try a box and host a giveaway, I jumped right on the bandwagon.

Conscious Box strives to introduce customers to "conscious" products, environmentally and ethically speaking. Every purchase goes to a cause, 1% for the Planet, and the boxes are packed in the U.S. by employees earning a fair wage. You can choose between an eco-friendly gift box or a vegan gift box.

Getting a package delivered feels like Christmas, so of course I was so excited when I received my Conscious Box, and I couldn't wait to see what was in it. I think there are ways to cheat and do some internet snooping to see what might be in your box, but I prefer to be surprised.

I received the October Conscious Box, and honestly I couldn't be happier with it! This little box was chock-full of cool products that I likely would have never tried otherwise.

First glimpse of the October Conscious Box

October Conscious Box

 Here's a rundown of what was in my box:

  • RW Garcia Curry & Mango Dipping Chips  These are all-natural, gluten-free, non GMO verified and HOT. Whew. They are good though, and I think they'd be really tasty dipped in guacamole, like it shows on the packaging.
  • Geo Deo This is a 97% natural, invisible solid deodorant. Detox complex to help fight daily buildup of impurities, allergen-free, aluminum-free, and no animal testing. The scent is Island, and it smells so good! I was really happy to get this because I've been wanting to completely switch to aluminum-free deodorant. It is NOT an antiperspirant, which makes me nervous! I sweat, especially in the warmer months, but so far it's been working out okay in the cooler days of fall. The real test will be in the sweltering heat.
  • GoodLight Natural Candles The box contained 6 unscented tea lights: paraffin-free, lead-free, non-toxic, clean-burning, eco-friendly. I had no idea paraffin was a health risk until I read this package! These are made from palm wax, which is apparently much healthier and safer.
  • Logical Drift Free Music Download  Meditation, relaxation, spa & yoga music. I haven't done this yet, but I want to start meditating, so I'm definitely going to check this out!
  • Teatulia Peppermint Tea One tea bag of caffeine-free organic tea. I like an occasional cup of tea, so I'll be trying this.
  • VitaRocks Lemon Burst flavored all natural vitamins that pop. I haven't tried this yet, but it looks like a Pop Rocks package, and and feels and sounds like Pop Rocks. This is an interesting twist on taking your daily vitamins!
  • Crum Creek Mills Soy Nut Mix Individual size snack bag of certified organic soy nut mix. I love that this has only 131 calories, but 9 grams of protein and 10% RDA of iron! This is a very good thing for me, because since I've stopped eating meat, I'd say there's a pretty good chance I'm not getting enough protein or iron!
  • Larabar This was a small, chocolate chip cookie dough flavored snack bar. Gluten-free, organic, and even kosher. 
  • Bumble Bar Organic Sesame Bar Gluten free, original peanut flavor snack bar. This sounds interesting, and I will be trying it. Soon.
  • Zarbee's All-Natural Children's Cough Syrup An individual to go packet of cough medicine in grape flavor. I love the idea of to go packets. There is one teaspoon of medicine in the packet. Safe for children 12 months+, gluten-free, dye-free, contains no drugs or alcohol. Yet it soothes sore throats, is an immune boosting formula, and pediatrician recommended. What a cool product. I hope it works, because if it does I'll be buying more, for sure!
  • Clandestino Banana Bar with Dark Chocolate I can be sold on anything that contains the words dark chocolate. I had no idea what to expect with this candy bar, but Mattie and I both loved it! It's soft and chewy, and only has two ingredients: fresh banana and dark chocolate. I don't know where they sell these, but I'm going to find out!
  • Yummy Earth Organic Lollipop Mine was Mango Tango flavored. I had this when my mouth was on fire from eating the RW Garcia Curry & Mango dipping chips. And it's fruity flavor brought my taste buds back to equilibrium.
  • Postcard The box also included a glossy, heavy card stock postcard. Like the kind you mail to a friend when you're on vacation. It has a pretty picture on it.
The Conscious Box is small, so I was quite impressed that they fit so many items in it! And now for the part you've been waiting for...your chance to win a Conscious Box of your own!


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I received a Conscious Box for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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