Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Once again, I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" to say So What!

...The past 2 nights I went to bed super early. Like before 10 o'clock. That, for me, is unheard of.

...Mathilda missed preschool yesterday because I literally could not wake her up. I stopped short of dumping ice water on her head, because I figured she must've needed her sleep. She was, after all, up half the night the night before, crying for unknown reasons. Some things never change.

...Maybe I should be concerned about Mathilda's OCD ways? It started with an obsession with skirts, and then the hat (still going strong), and now it's sandals. Yes, it's almost December and my child is wearing sandals everyday. With socks, people. As long as it's not snowing or raining and she's not playing outside, I'm letting it slide.

...The 12-year old me would be horrified to see the 37-year old me, shamelessly decked out in cold weather gear. I think it would have killed me (or at least that's what I thought back then...) to wear socks or gloves at age 12, let alone a hat, a scarf, and boots.. All that matters is warmth. Everything else is irrelevant.

...I picked up an awesome Black Friday deal online, for in-store pick-up. And now I'm having nothing but trouble. The help desk told me to cancel my order and place it again. When I pointed out that then I would miss the 50% off savings, he was stymied. Now I have to wait 3-5 days for a resolution. I love online shopping, but some stores are clearly not properly equipped.

...The batteries in my mouse are dying. Rather than walk down to the basement and get fresh batteries, I've been taking them out and swapping them back and forth every five minutes. For some reason this works, and, even more mind boggling, I am finding it to be an acceptable solution.

...For the first time ever, I didn't eat turkey on Thanksgiving. And? I didn't miss it. I've always liked the other stuff more anyway.

...I made 2 loaves of banana bread yesterday afternoon, and already one loaf and half of the other is gone. And I LOVE when that happens!

...Bethany hurt her ankle over a week ago, and I was hoping it would get better with a week off basketball and dance for the holiday. No such luck. Doctor's appointment this afternoon.

...Raspberry ketones work. Seriously. This is NOT a spam message. Holy crap. I'm wearing a pair of jeans my friend gave me over a year ago that I could never get on until last week. And they're not even tight! I don't weigh myself, so I don't know numbers, except in terms of clothing sizes. Right now, my favorite number is 6. So either the raspberry ketones are working, or I coincidentally got a tape worm right about the same time I started taking them. Just for the record, I work out too, & eat fairly healthy.

What are you saying So What! to this week?


Jennifer V. said...

I am cracking up at the mouse batteries. I would so do the same thing!!!

Shelly said...

Where did you get the Keytones and what is the brand?

alyaia75 said...

Shelly, Chris got them from the health food store or maybe the vitamin store. Not sure which store. I'll ask him. The brand is Genceutic Naturals.

Jennifer, that makes me feel better ;-)

Felix Lee said...

What you do with your mouse batteries, that's what I do with my TV remote control. I figure if the batteries still work, why change it? Haha.. I guess it's just me being stubborn.

I love banana bread!