Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Weekend  I'm so happy you're here.  Dear Lucy  I'm sorry your dentist appointment took so long this morning and after all that waiting you never even got to see the dentist so he could give you the all clear. Thank goodness for TVs in the exam rooms. And I'm glad you made it to school in time for your favorite lunch (french toast sticks and turkey sausage) and that your class didn't do the leaf rubbings in the morning when you weren't there.  Dear Mathilda  You were so so so good and silly and you made me laugh even when I really felt like crying (this morning while waiting for Lucy to get her teeth cleaned for over an hour...and the waiting is not why I felt like crying).  Dear Bethany  I'm glad I went to your parent-teacher conferences yesterday and all of your teachers had wonderful things to say about you. Middle school agrees with you. Dear Chris Thank you for carrying that heavy cabinet in from the garage, and you know it makes me happy that it's in the family room now because it reminds me of my grandpa. Plus it's going to help us get organized and stuff. Dear Laundry  Go away. Please.  Dear October  You were kind to me. I have lovely memories of you.  Dear November  I hope you're just as nice.  Dear Kids  You won't mind too much if I donate all your Halloween candy, will you? I can't have it in the house! No.Will.Power.  Dear Me  You've been slacking in the working out department this week. I know you felt like crud earlier in the week, but you're fine now, so get with the program!  Dear Tina  Thanks for going out with me last night, and not showing it if you're mad that we had to stand up for three hours because I was late. And also thanks for introducing me to falafel, it was gooood.  Dear House  We're going to get you nice and organized, so help me!

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