Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Kids, all of you, Stop getting sick already. I swear I don't know what to do with you and it would be great to get to run some of those errands that have been put off all week. Dear Phone, Why must you lock up on me all the time? UGH!!! Dear Halloween Candy, Stop taunting me. Really! Dear Election Day, I am so glad you are over and done with. The phone calls were getting ridiculous. Does that really help anyone's cause? Because I don't know anyone who doesn't hang up as soon as they realize it's a political call. And the celebrity ones? Pleeeeease! Dear Me, The stationary bike is right there, waiting for you. So are the weights. Get to it, there's still time before you have to pick up the kids (who aren't home sick) from school. Dear Middle School, Why are your field trips so dang expensive? Dear Every Store with Coupons that Exclude North Face Products, You suck. Maybe North Face makes you do it, but whatever. I'm still annoyed. Dear Mess in my House, You sneak up so quickly. I have no chance against your stealth ninja ways. Dear Mathilda, I love that you want to wear hats 24/7. Your fashion quirks crack me up. Dear Hermit Crab, It's really kind of creepy how you bury yourself to molt. I was relieved to see your little eyes poking out of the sand this morning. So yeah, thanks for not being dead too. Dear Lucy, My heart broke for you last night when you said you just didn't know if you could handle all that homework. You did have a lot, but you finished it like a champ! Dear Weekend, I could kiss you. XOXO


Tracy Balderach said...

Dear Alyssa-
This was the funniest blog post. Ever. You rock!

Tracy Balderach said...

Alysia. Not Alyssa. Sorry.