Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Once Upon a Pringles Can

Not long ago, I shared how I re-purposed an old acrylic picture frame that wasn't being used, turning it into a dresser tray. I had so much fun playing with Mod Podge that I couldn't wait to dip into it again! I love the idea of making something while spending next to nothing.

Enter the re-purposed Pringles can.

Re-purposing a Pringles can

I put a piece of electrical tape all around the can where I wanted to cut, to use as a straight edge. Any kind of tape will do, this is just what I had lying around.

Then I used a box cutter to all the way around. I was careful not to stab myself. Box cutters are dangerous.

I cut some nice, reversible scrapbook paper to fit the can.

Then I coated the can with Mod Podge, using a foam paint brush, and carefully applied the paper, pressing firmly all the way around the can.

Next I coated the paper with Mod Podge. The pictures don't look too different, but now the paper has a nice sheen to it.

I then applied Mod Podge to the inner rim of the can, and very carefully pressed a piece of fabric ribbon all the way around the inside of the can.

Next I did the same to the outer rim, lining the ribbon up with the piece on the inside.

I did the same for the bottom of the can, putting Mod Podge around the edge and then applying ribbon.

When all the ribbon was on, I covered everything in a couple layers of Mod Podge, and then sprayed it with acrylic gloss spray finish.

Everything I saw on Pinterest showed the metal edges of the Pringles can, and I did not want them showing!

I think it came out pretty good. I don't know what I'm going to put in it yet. I was thinking maybe something decorative, but I'm not sure. When I think of something, I'll try to remember to take a picture & post it on the Facebook page.

Have you ever re-purposed a Pringles can, or anything else that might normally be viewed as trash?

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