Saturday, November 17, 2012

A North Face Success Story

For years I've seen everyone and their great-aunt Edna strolling around town in North Face jackets. They seem to be part of the winter dress code around here. But to be honest, I never really thought much about them...until I got myself a middle schooler. As soon as the weather turned, Bethany started asking if she could join her peers and get a North Face jacket of her own. It's been a couple years since we've needed to buy her a coat, and I figured if she got one she really likes she won't complain about wearing it all the time. Ahem.

So I started grilling everyone about North Face deals, and scouring the web, searching for the best deal I could find. I got a ton of excellent tips, and I diligently looked into all of them. But somehow nothing was working out, and I began to fear that we would be paying full price for Bethany's jacket. That almost happened today. I was ready to throw in the towel. But I did one more search. And I asked Bethany if she would be willing to deviate from her two favored colors, which she readily agreed to. And I signed up for Ebates.

I'm sure other people have better North Face success stories. I think I am just so happy with mine because I was literally within minutes of paying full price.

Okay, here goes.
  • First thing I did was sign up for Ebates. I have heard people talking about it forever, but for whatever reason I never signed up until today.
  • From Ebates, I went to the Altrec website.
  • I ordered a Denali Thermal Jacket, just like the one pictured above, in a Girls size XL. I asked around and did some research, and found that most people agree a Girls XL is equivalent to a Ladies Small. Ordering a girls instead of a ladies was a big cost saver. The jacket was on sale for $79.19.
  • Altrec offered free shipping and no sales tax.
  • Ebates offered a free $10 Target gift card (or you can choose a different store, but Target is my fave!) with my first purchase over $25.
  • Through Ebates, Altrec offered 6% cash back, which came out to $4.75.
  • I referred a friend who was also shopping for North Face, and received $25 for my first referral.
Original price: $99
Sale price:  $79.19
Target Gift Card value: $10
Ebates cash back: $4.75
Friend Referral: $25

Adjusted price of jacket: $39.44!!!

Not bad, right? Bethany is excited because she's getting the jacket she wants, and I'm excited because I got a great deal! North Face deals seem to disappear as quickly as they're found, so if you find one - jump on it! I don't know if my specific deal will work for you, but don't despair! Even at the regular price, taking into account the Target gift card and the cash back, this would have been a decent deal. You can also order through The North Face store on Ebates, and they offer 8% cash back! And don't forget, if you want to take advantage of Ebates perks, you have to start your shopping on Ebates! First go to Ebates, and then find the link to the store you want on the Ebates website, otherwise you won't get credit!

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. If you sign up for Ebates using the link above (here it is again: Ebates), I get a referral bonus.

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