Thursday, November 15, 2012

Michigan Made: Simply Suzanne Granola

I love Michigan-made products, I love granola, and I love chocolate. So reviewing Simply Suzanne Sweet and Savory Lotsa Chocolate Granola was a total no-brainer for me. I had never heard of it, but apparently it's now sold at Meijer, so I will definitely have to (tell my husband to) look for it*.

I introduced this scrummy granola to my kids in the form of a little after school snack. They dug it, obviously. What's not to love about this scenario?

Simply Suzanne Granola...please excuse the scratched to hell plastic IKEA plate
 Apples + chocolate syrup + chocolate granola. No complaints. Well, Mathilda wouldn't touch it, but we don't count her.

While the apples and chocolate syrup with granola was really good, I had a bowl of the granola with milk for breakfast the next day, and it was SO delicious. I'm sure it would also be great in yogurt; too bad my stomach will no longer allow me to eat yogurt without wretched stomach pains. But if that ever goes away, I will try it!

Now I love granola of pretty much any variety, but Simply Suzanne tastes different and better. The Sweet and Savory Lotsa Chocolate flavor that I tried has a little bite to it. I was intrigued and combed through the short ingredient list, where I saw something unexpected: black pepper. Hmmm. Maybe if I hadn't read right past the "Sweet and Savory" part (I only saw the Lotsa Chocolate part until just now!) I wouldn't have been so surprised by that. Ha. Anyway, black pepper is not something one would typically expect to see in granola, is it? It gives this stuff a little something-something. (Aside from the black pepper, there are only 7 other ingredients: whole grain rolled oats, chocolate, brown sugar, maple syrup, canola oil, cinnamon, and sea salt). The packaging is great too. You can't really tell in my picture, but the plastic bag the granola comes in is resealable, which is so convenient.

I love short ingredient lists too! I also love no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavoring or preservatives, no cholesterol, zero trans fat, and high in fiber and protein. Wow, this little bag is full of good stuff! And it's hand crafted in small batches. Sold. I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to review Simply Suzanne granola, because it's one of those things I'm not sure I would have tried on my own. But I will be buying having Chris buy some of this ASAP. I heard there is a chocolate-coffee flavor too. I'll take one of each please!

*Chris does the Meijer shopping, I do the Kroger shopping. For whatever reason.

I was given free product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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