Monday, November 21, 2011

Digital Age

I'm a huge fan of modern technology, with digital photography being near the top of my list of most loved technological advances. My mom took a film photography class several years ago, and once she took me to the college's dark room to see how the photographs were processed. While it was interesting, and something that would be cool to learn, digital photography is so much more practical and easier.

Whenever I see people posting their wedding pictures online, I'm jealously reminded that we didn't have the advantage of digital wedding photos. I got my first digital camera when Connor was a baby. While I took plenty of film pictures of Bethany as a baby, I so wish I had had a digital camera. I love that I can take tons of pictures and choose the best ones to have printed, instead of wasting money printing blurry or otherwise blemished shots.

Another great thing about digital photography is that there are so many photo editing software packages available to make my pictures just right. People used to have to depend upon professionals to edit pictures, but now anyone can do it themselves. Being able to crop, add effects, and improve the photo quality of my digital pictures. Then I have the option of printing them out at home, or using a service which allows me to take my pick of photo products, different finishes and various sizes of prints. Playing around with my pictures is so much fun!

Do you love digital photography too? What's your favorite, most user friendly photo editing software or website that you use? It's hard to recall what life was like pre-digital, but I'm definitely not looking back.

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