Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So What! Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" for So What! Wednesday.

So What! if I could totally live on Nutella, and foods that can be dipped in it or that Nutella can be spread upon? I still don't know how I made it into my mid-30's before trying this perfection in a jar!

So What! if, after yesterday's November Thankful post about my own little "party of 6" I couldn't get Party of Five out of my head, and I ravaged the dark recesses of my memories for hours trying to recall all five siblings? To look on IMDB would have somehow been admitting defeat, but darn it! I finally remembered all on my own! (Charlie, Neve Campbell - yes that's close enough!, Bailey, Claire, and Owen)

So What! if we're hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow and I have barely started to clean my house AND I still need to go to the grocery store?

So What! if everything else gets thrown to the wayside when Mattie says, "Mom, I want to cuddle you?"

So What! if I've pretty much given up on ever having a working bathroom sink again? We do have two other bathrooms and the kitchen sink, and it's amazing how you just get used to not using something for so long that it's no longer a big deal.

So What! if I'm still in my pj's at 11:20 a.m.? My mom took my kids to school and my mother-in-law is picking them up and taking them to lunch, so that I don't have to take my sick little Mattie out today. Yes, I'm spoiled like that. 

So What! if it drives me bonkers when my kids can't decide what movie they want to watch? They only have about a million to choose from, between our DVD/BluRay collection, Netflix, and OnDemand. I think it might be beneficial to pare down the available options to about 3.

So What! if I am just not that into Thanksgiving this year? I'm thankful and all, but I could do without the cooking and cleaning and, I don't know, eat at a restaurant or something.

How about you? What are you saying So What! to this week?

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