Friday, November 18, 2011

Dream Destination: Pocono Mountains

I remember when Chris and I were in the beginning stages of planning our honeymoon. Somehow we got our hands on some brochures from resorts in the Poconos. I was intrigued by pictures of bathtubs in the shape of champagne glasses. Ultimately we chose Jamaica for our honeymoon destination, but we thought the Poconos looked like a fun place and figured we'd go there to celebrate an anniversary sometime. Back then we thought it would be easy to just pick up and go away for a few days whenever we felt like it. Young, carefree, and naive were we.

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania is a resort area with lots of things to do, such as skiing, snow tubing, horse back riding, and white water rafting. Back in our pre-baby days it probably seemed romantic. Especially with the heart-shaped swimming pools that were calling our name. Nowadays I think of most destinations in terms of how much fun my kids would have. So it's now come to my attention that there are family centered resorts in the Poconos, and it's not all about kitschy honeymooners.  

Now I'm looking at Poconos family resorts as a great place to take the kids for a little getaway. Besides the resorts, which definitely look like enough fun in their own right, there are other attractions in the area which I think my kids would love. For example, the Crayola Factory. I loved that episode on Jon and Kate Plus 8, where they take the kids there and then freak out because they might get a little washable marker on their clothes. If we ever take our kids to the Crayola Factory, we'll let them go to town with the washable markers.

Have you ever been to the Pocono Mountains? Was it a romantic trip, or a family getaway?


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