Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Download to Donate" to Turning Point, Shelter for Abused Women and Children

I've been posting a lot about things that I'm thankful for this holiday season, some silly and some serious. I am especially thankful that my family and I live in a safe environment. We are fortunate to not have to deal with things like domestic abuse and homelessness. But so many are not as lucky. If you live in southeast Michigan, perhaps you've heard of Turning Point, a local organization that exists to assist women and children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness. They provide emergency shelter and support, with the goal of helping these victims re-gain control of their lives. Turning Point also runs a resale shop, Second Hand Rose, where local community members can donate used items and also shop to raise money for the organization. Additionally, survivors are allowed to choose what they need from the shop as they begin their new lives. 

Turning Point is a vital organization in our community, and like all non-profits, depends on generous donors to keep it running. That's where MOBIBO comes in. MOBIBO is a free app you can download for you iPhone or Smartphone. It connects to your phone's GPS system and finds local deals that are geographically close to you, wherever you may be. As you're out and about, MOBIBO will notify you on your phone when you are approaching a business that is running a deal. And get this: when you view the deal on your device, MOBIBO pay you 25 cents via Paypal! How sweet is that!? 

How exactly does this help Turning Point? MOBIBO is currently running a program called Download to Donate. From now until November 30, MOBIBO is donating 25 cents to Turning Point every time someone downloads the app! Remember, this app is totally FREE, plus it pays YOU to view deals. This is a win-win deal! I downloaded the MOBIBO app for my Smartphone, easy as pie. Turning Point is using money earned from this campaign to help fund Christmas for the children living in its shelter during the holidays. Can you imagine living in an emergency shelter, especially at this time of year when most of us are busy spending time with our friends and family? These kids are focusing on survival instead of fun, and they deserve a little reprieve from their worries.

There is no limit to how much MOBIBO will donate to Turning Point, so pretty please with sugar on top, help spread the word! There is a link in my sidebar, as you can see, so you can click on that for more information as well. Also, MOBIBO is working with other charitable organizations through the month of December, but since Turning Point is in my neck of the woods, I'd really like to see them benefit hugely from this campaign. Share on Twitter, share on Facebook, let your friends and family know! MOBIBO is a cool app, and downloading it for free will help kids in desperate situations have a slightly brighter Christmas this year. Thanks so much for your help!

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